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Tesla's Ambassadors


The Tesla Ambassadors honor Nikola Tesla by promoting his achievements and contributions on a global scale.

Members from around the world are more than welcome to join the Tesla Ambassadors group.


The more you learn about Nikola Tesla, the more you will want to know!


Our promotion of Nikola Tesla is based on many reasons. 


  • While reciting the Faust in Budapest's park, Nikola Tesla discovered what made the world spin. All modern induction electro motors rely on Nikola Tesla's invention of the rotating magnetic field.

  • In 1893, George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla used AC electricity to illuminate the Chicago World Fair. Nikola Tesla is primarily responsible for inventing the system for generating and long-distance transmitting of AC electricity. 

  • George Westinghouse built the first commercial two-phase power plant on Niagara Falls in 1895 and transmitted power to industries in Buffalo, USA, using Tesla's patents.

  • Tesla invented the Tesla Coil in 1891, which was used in early radio and television communication. Scientists are now using the Tesla Coil in experiments of wireless power transmission.

  • The discovery of X-rays by Tesla came three years before Wilhelm

       Conrad Roentgen. 

  • It was Tesla who demonstrated wireless radio transmission in 1893, which was two years before Guglielmo Marconi. 

  • In 1898 Tesla invented a remote controlled boat. 

  • Nikola Tesla obtained more than 300 patents worldwide for his inventions that are responsible for most contemporary technology that are powered by electricity.

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