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Nikola Tesla Museum

The Nikola Tesla Museum  is a science museum located in the central area of Belgrade, Serbia.


On Decembar 5, in 1952, the Nikola Tesla Museum was founded and Tesla's legacy was housed at 51 Krunska Street in Belgrade, Serbia. The Museum holds more than 160,000 original documents, of which about 70,000 are letters and more than 40,000 scientific articles, notes, drawings and patents. The Museum was open to the public in October, 1955. Tesla's ashes were transfered from New York on the ship 'Triglav' in February, 1957 and are today kept in the Nikola Tesla Museum.

Nikola Tesla's Birth Certificate
The Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Muzeum
Tesla's remote controlled boat with AND Logic Gate.
Bust of Nikola Tesla by famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.
Nikola Tesla Museum
A section of a three-phase asynchronous motor.
Induction motor with an egg-shaped rotor

The nameplate from one of the ten two-phase generators at the Adam Power Station (permanent Nikola Tesla Museum display). 

Ten nameplate bears a list of applied patents - out of a total thirteen, nine patents belong to Nikola Tesla.


Nikola Tesla Archive was inscribed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Program Register in 2003 for its important role in the history of electrification of the world and future technological advancements in this area.


R. Diaz Buitrago
The elliptical bronze relief with a portrait of Nikola Tesla, made in 1895. Diaz Buitrago, the Chief Patent Draftsman at Tesla's company was the author of this bronze medallion. Along the edge is the inscription in French 'C'est par le travail qu'on regne'. LOUIS XIV (Through work we reign, Louis XIV)

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